Your ÖH

Who are we? 

We are the ÖH FH Kärnten, your student union at CUAS. We are not a government authority or a political party and we are also not a part of CUAS. We are your student representation.

We are students just like you and our goal is to improve study conditions and student services at CUAS.

We are here to campaign for the rights of students and to represent your interests.

Due to the 5 different campus locations of our university, our work is unfortunately not easily seen and only a fraction of what we do is visible in everyday student life.

Our activities in a short overview: 

  • • Service and advice: Do you have questions about grants? Do you need information about your rights as a student at CUAS?

  • Representation of your interests: We represent all students as well as course participants both within the FH and externally. Be it in the committees of the CUAS or in campaigns that run nationwide.

  • Projects and events: We support a wide variety of student projects, organize film evenings and parties, and cooperate with the International Office on excursions.

The goal of the ÖH FH Kärnten is to continuously improve the study conditions. We also offer services related to studying.

The ÖH FH Kärnten operates on 3 levels:

University representation

Represent the ÖH FH Kärnten externally and are the contact for the rector and management. Send representatives to the FH Kollegium and other boards of the CUAS.

Student representation

Stand up for the interests of the students (for example at the Feldkirchen campus). Manage a budget and are the link between the class representatives and the university representatives. Support the class representatives in their work

Class representatives

Link between students, teachers, and administration.


Here you can find more information about our departments.

Statute & Financial management

Here you can find information on our statute & financial management

Meeting reports

Here you can find the reports of the meetings of the university representative.

Service Center

In unserem Service Center am Campus Villach laufen alle Fäden zusammen. Es ist deine erste Anlaufstelle, um sich über die ÖH Services informieren zu lassen.