Get Involved

We at the ÖH FH Kärnten try to represent your interests as best as possible through our work. To do this, it is necessary to cover an enormous range of departments and representatives in order to provide targeted and efficient help where you need us.

You can share your experience with others and help in one of our departments. Do you like to organize appointments for your cohort? Then perhaps you are the perfect person to represent your class. Do you see potential areas of improvement on your campus, or maybe want to plan an event for your study program? Then take advantage of this opportunity to help as a class representative.

As you can see, there are numerous opportunities to become active within the ÖH. The activities at the ÖH FH Kärnten are voluntary however, there are some benefits and advantages that are available to you. You can gain experience at the representation level with the rectorate and management, network with the FH team, professors and lecturers, and gain experience implementing projects yourself with the help of the ÖH infrastructure at your location. Depending on the job, there is also the possibility of exemption from the tuition fee, extra copy credit on your Student Card, and and and ......

 If you are interested in joining an easygoing team of students or are wanting to get information, just write us via our contact button, give us a call, or come to our service center for a coffee - we would be happy if you stopped by!