Mobility promotion

Du nutzt öffentliche Verkehrsmittel um zur Fachhochschule oder zum Praktikum zu kommen? Dann haben wir gute Nachrichten 🙂 

Wir, die Hochschüler_innenschaft der Fachhochschule Kärnten, fördern die Benutzung von öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln durch einen Zuschuss für Fahrten zur Erreichung des Studienortes oder der Praktikumsstelle, sofern ein Praktikum im Curriculum vorgesehen ist.

The subsidy is granted for the purchase of ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) tickets, annual tickets, semester tickets or monthly tickets, or for individual trips for the purpose of traveling home during an academic year. During the lecture and exam-free periods (February, July, August and September), a mobility grant is only paid in the case of a compulsory internship according to the internship duration specified in the curriculum and up to the maximum grant amount. 

The trips must be related to the studies or the course. Excursions within the framework of studies or a course cannot be funded.

Amount of subsidy:

The Students Union of the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences grants a maximum of € 40.00 per semester or € 10.00 per month. The subsidy can only be paid once per student per semester. In case of simultaneous use of different means of public transport, the subsidy will not be paid out twice.

Ein kleines Rechenbeispiel:
📌Das „Kärnten Ticket“ für Studierende kostet € 299,-/ Jahr.
📌Spare bis zu € 80/ Studienjahr, wenn du pro Semester einmal um Mobilitätsförderung bei der ÖH FH Kärnten ansuchst.


Citeria for the grant:

The applicant must:

  • be enrolled in a regular degree program or course of study at the FH Carinthia;
  • attend a course of study at the location for which the grant is submitted;
  • use public transport during the periods eligible for funding.

The eligible costs must exceed € 25.00 each month for which a grant is requested - exceptions to this are only semester, annual and the ÖBB Austria Card.

Funding procedure

The grant is provided by transferring the grant amount to the applicant. In order to receive the grant, the following documents must be submitted to the Student Union of the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences:

  • the fully completed application for funding (see point 8.).
  • the original tickets or, in the case of customer cards: charging receipts or receipts and a ticket info.
  • In the case of a compulsory internship, the signed data sheet of the internship agreement must be enclosed.


  • Please do not forget to request an invoice when purchasing tickets!
  • In any case there must be an amount with shown tax!
  • In case of a money value booking of customer cards, for example in the bus, a proof of the actual booking of the tickets must be obtained from the transport service provider!
  • Tip: Book tickets directly at the ticket counter.
  • The tickets submitted will not be returned in the event that the grant is paid out, they will be retained and remain in the accounting department of the Student Union.


The completed forms (incl. all attachments) must be mailed or dropped off in the mailbox of the FH Carinthia Student Union or handed in directly at the Service Center of the FH Carinthia Student Union no later than six weeks after the end of the semester.

The documents should be sent to the following address:

Hochschüler_innenschaft an der FH Kärnten c/o

FH Kärnten

Europastraße 4

9524 Villach

or by email to

Entitlement to funding

There is no legal claim to a positive funding approval. The available budget for mobility funding is to be determined by the University Council in the annual budget estimate for each academic year. If the budget is exhausted, no further funding can be provided.


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