ÖH insurance

Did you knock over an expensive measuring device in the FH laboratory? Run into a glass door? Accidentally damage a computer at the university? Break a leg on a ski trip? From a financial perspective, we have you covered. With a small payment of 70 cents, all members of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) enjoy comprehensive accident and liability insurance at Generali Versicherungs AG which covers (almost) all accidents you may encounter. Accident liability at Generali Versicherungs AG,which covers (almost) all accidents you may encounter.

The facts at a glance

  • As an ÖH member, you are automatically covered by accident and liability insurance through the ÖH
  • 70 cents of the ÖH fee per person and semester will be used for this insurance
  • No deductible
  • Policy numbers: accident insurance: 000 1809 6819; Liability insurance: 000 1810 4297
  • Insured amounts: Liability insurance: 1 million euros for property damage and personal injury to third parties; Accident insurance: € 7,500 for accident costs, € 50,000 for permanent disability, € 15,000 for accidental death
  • Reimbursement of half of the tuition fee if you are hospitalized for more than 3 weeks continuously
  • The ÖH can issue you a confirmation of the insurance coverage
  • Claim reports with the completed claim form directly to oeh-versicherung.at@generali.com
  • You can find the insurance contract below!
  • Important information: Dear students! Please note that ÖH insurance is not health insurance and does not replace it!


Am i insured?

As an ÖH member, you receive accident and liability insurance by paying your ÖH contribution for the whole semester. However, if for any reason you have not paid the semester fee, you are only insured until the end of the grace period of the following semester (for the winter semester: 30. April, for the summer semester: 30. November). As a rule of thumb, you are insured as long as your student ID is still valid.

Important note: The ÖH is the policyholder, i.e. a contractual partner of Generali Versicherungs AG (also called the insurer). You are the insured person!

That is why you have to take care of any insurance benefits yourself. The ÖH works in the background to provide the smoothest possible handling of your case and is available as a mediator for problems and complaints. However, you have to submit the claim yourself.

You can find more information on the homepage of the ÖH federal agency:



Contact for Carinthia:

Viktringer Ring 28, 9020 Klagenfurt
+43 463 5829 0 oder office.ktn.at@generali.com