Plagiarism check

"Prevention is better than later problems" 

You can write scientific papers in your sleep and your studies are finally drawing to a close. With this service, you will receive security and feedback whether or not you still need revisions in your work. 

How does the check work? 

As soon as you have finished writing, you can send your work to the following email address: 

Data protection is very important to us! No names, dates, or documents will be saved beyond the duration of the examination procedure. 

After the test by the software, you will receive the test report back for your work. Your document and your data will then be deleted from our mail account. 


  • Only final theses (Bachelor and Master theses) are admitted for the check final theses (Bachelor and Master theses) are admitted to the examination 
  • Only documents that are sent to us from an @ address will be processed sent will be processed 
  • An automated check cannot replace careful work in the writing process and (like SafeAssign and other systems) does not offer 100% security 
  • Processing can take up to 10 days 
  • pdf, doc, docx, files can be checked 
  • File name MUST be first name_ last name.file extension so that we can organize the test reports MUST first name_surname.file extension so that we can assign the test reports 
  • Please do not submit work by other people from other universities, as this would exceed the quota of our testing service. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse multiple submissions of the same thesis without giving reasons.

Please do not inquire about the test results – the results can be found in the report. Please do not inquire whether there is plagiarism in the work or not - the results are there, as mentioned above, for you to check whether positions have been marked correctly. There is no legal right to conduct a plagiarism check.