Sporting goods rental

New ÖH FH Kärnten sports equipment rental at the Villach location: supporting student well-being

 The ÖH sports equipment rental service at the Villach campus is a great new initiative especially for students. With this rental service, students can rent high quality sports equipment without having to bear the costs of buying new equipment. This is especially useful for students who want to get involved in sports but may not have the budget to buy expensive sports equipment. 

The sports equipment rental offers the following wide range of items:

  • Sup Board                                                                            (bald verfügbar)
  • Spikeball                                                                              (Kaution 20€)
  • Fußball und Mini-Aufstelltore                                               (Kaution 20€)
  • Boccia                                                                                  (Kaution 20€)
  • Wurfsäckchenspiel                                                               (Kaution 15€)
  • Kubb                                                                                     (Kaution 15€)
  • Frisbee Wurfscheibe / Aerobie Ring Pro                              (Kaution 5€)
  • Volleyball / Beach Volleyball                                                 (Kaution 15€)
  • Speed-Badminton Set                                                          (Kaution 15€)
  • Beach Tennis Set                                                                 (Kaution 5€)
  • Jenga XXL                                                                           (Kaution10€)



You have discovered an article for yourself and would now like to borrow it? Then we have the most important information for you here!

  1. Email to make sure your desired item is available.
  2. Informiere dich vorab über die Höhe der Kaution und bringe diese in Bar zum Übergabeort (ÖH Service Center am Standort          Villach – Südtrakt 2. Stock) mit.
  3. Fill in a form on site 



The maximum rental period is 7 days. After this time, the sports equipment must be returned in a clean condition. Should the rented item show visible damage or even be broken, the ÖH FH Kärnten reserves the right to retain the deposit for repair or a new purchase.

It is advisable to check the equipment before use and report any damage or problems to the rental team. Students should also not overuse the equipment and use it according to the instructions and precautions. By using the sports equipment conscientiously, students can help to ensure that it is available in good condition for future users.